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Hi Ambassador

We are thrilled to introduce you to Ebony Nights, one of the first events in Milan to put the Afrobeats music genre at its core.

We are proud to have created a format that continues to improve and evolve, blending Afrobeats with other musical genres to meet the demands of our costumers.


Our goal is to offer a quality and innovative evening, where music and entertainment are the center of attention. Thanks to our continuous improvements, we have had the opportunity to introduce Ebony Nights Milan to different realities, such as Brescia, Novara, Lake Garda, and soon also in Switzerland and Florence.

We are looking for Ambassadors who can best represent our brand and our mission. We are looking for people passionate about music and entertainment, who can communicate the positive energy that is experienced during an evening of Ebony Nights.

As an Ambassador, you will have the opportunity to be part of a creative and motivated team committed to bringing the best entertainment experience to all our customers.

You will be involved in promoting the event through social media, sharing promotional materials, and actively participating in our evenings.


If you are interested in becoming an Ebony Nights Ambassador, please send us a brief description of yourself and what you would like to bring to our team.

We are happy to welcome you to our family and to share our passion for music and entertainment with you.


What are we looking for?

The characteristics we look for in an Ebony Nights Ambassador are:

1. Passion for music and entertainment: The candidate should be passionate about music and the atmosphere of an Ebony Nights evening.

2. Effective communication: the Ambassador must have excellent communication and relationship skills, both online and offline, and be able to convey the positive energy of the event.

3. Creativity and innovation: We are looking for Ambassadors who can bring new ideas and creative solutions to improve our offer and make Ebony Nights evenings even more engaging.

4. Commitment and Dedication: Applicant must be willing to actively participate in promoting the event and devote the time and energy necessary to grow the Ebony Nights community.

5. Ability to work as a team: We are looking for Ambassadors who can work as a team and collaborate with other members of our staff effectively and harmoniously.

Remember that the main characteristics we look for in an Ambassador are a passion for music and entertainment, the ability to communicate the positive energy of the event, and the desire to grow the Ebony Nights community.


What do we offer?

We offer our Ambassadors various opportunities to grow their passion for music and entertainment by actively collaborating with the Ebony Nights team.

In particular, we offer:

1. Complimentary access to Ebony Nights evenings: Ambassadors are entitled to free access to Ebony Nights evenings, so you can experience the unique atmosphere of our evenings firsthand.

2. Visibility on our social channels: We promote our Ambassadors on our social channels, allowing them to make their passion and talents known to a wider audience.

3. Networking Opportunities: Ambassadors have the opportunity to meet fellow music and entertainment enthusiasts and make new connections within the Ebony Nights community.

4. Education and experience: Ambassadors will have the opportunity to acquire new skills and experience in the field of event planning, collaborating with the Ebony Nights team. Experiences and skills that can be included in a curriculum.

In general, we try to offer our Ambassadors a unique and engaging experience that can grow their passion for music and entertainment and lead them to become an active part of our community.


15% of the total brought, both tables and a list of at least 10 people or one table Conclusion In conclusion, if you think you have the right characteristics to become an Ambassador of Ebony Nights, do not hesitate to contact us to join our team and contribute to the creating unforgettable evenings for our customers.

We are ready to welcome you to our community and work together to take the positive energy of Afrobeats to new heights!

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